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Gallery Glass Paint - Tips to Create a Faux Stained Glass Look

Plaid Gallery Glass Paint is the paint to use to create a stained glass effect on any window. It can also be used to create a vinyl cling of your own design or from a pattern, add texture, and make a faux leaded glass window. With Gallery Glass you can make your own seasonal decals and designs. Gallery Glass Paint is also a great way to help restore the color and look of an old stained glass piece that has dulled over time. Read below to learn what supplies are needed, how to create a faux leaded glass window, and other useful tips when working with Gallery Glass. 

Gallery Glass Paint - Create a Faux Stained Glass Design in No Time | Discount Craft Supplies

Where to Start


Plaid Gallery Glass Liquid Leading

Gallery Glass Liquid Leading

In order to make a design with Gallery Glass, one of the first materials needed is the Gallery Glass Liquid Leading. This product is used to create an outline of whatever design you are using so that you can color in this design with the Gallery Glass Paint color of your choice. It helps to create a faux lead look similar to a real stained glass window. In order to create a design you can either use a pattern or create your own design with the Liquid Leading. When first opening the bottle, make sure to cut off the extra plastic from the tip to prevent clogging. Hold the Liquid Leading an inch or so off the surface and hold a consistent amount of pressure while drawing your design.

When putting a design on a vertical surface, Redi-Lead can be a cleaner and more precise option rather than liquid leading. This is an adhesive-backed strip that mimics lead in stained glass windows. Fill in gaps created when using Redi-Lead with Liquid Leading.


 Plaid Gallery Glass Paint

Gallery Glass Paint

Gallery Glass Paint, a water-based, non-toxic paint, comes in a variety of colors to help you complete your design. Make sure to not shake the bottle as this can create unwanted bubbles in your design. If the paint gets shaken accidently, allow the paint to sit for a few hours before using it in order to decrease the bubbles. In order to get a darker color, add multiple layers of the paint you are using. To get a lighter color, try mixing the color you are using with the Gallery Glass Snow White. You can also create a marbled effect by adding a few dots of a different color within the contents of the one you are creating. Run a tool through this to spread the color without mixing it.


Gallery Glass Leading Blanks

You may use a plastic sheet such as sandwich bag or Mylar sheet placed over a pattern to create a cling or any design you want to peel off and place on a window or mirror. Once your design has dried and cured completely, you can peel it off of the leading blank to transfer to a new surface.  

 Cgg 11 (600x 422)

Faux Leaded Glass Windows

In order to make a faux leaded glass window, Gallery Glass can make an easy and cheaper alternative. This is a great option for a window that you love for the light, but not for the visibility it gives to the outside world. This treatment can also help obstruct a less than perfect view while giving your home a cozy feel. To create this look, use the Crystal Clear color to create a texture on your window. You can create the texture with your fingers or while using a sponge or another applicator. To add a design to your window, using the Gallery Glass Liquid Leading can create geometric shapes that help add a design feel to a window that was otherwise plain. Creating faux leaded glass windows is a great alternative to heavy curtains that still allows light to get into your room. 

Plaid Gallery Glass Window Color 8oz Crystal Clear

Other Helpful Tools and Hints

  1. In order to spread paint evenly in a design, use something with a sharp point like a pin, toothpick, nut pick or awl. Run it through the paint back and forth to smooth out the paint and create a flatter design
  2. Use a toothpick to get excess paint off of the liquid leading
  3. To get bubbles out of the paint, try gently tapping the back of your project to get the bubbles to pop. Remember to never shake Gallery Glass Paint, as this will create more bubbles. Some bubbles can be popped with a straight pin.
  4. Though a lot of Gallery Glass products are non-toxic you should not eat or drink off of products that are in direct contact with Gallery Glass Paints.
  5. Gallery Glass products should not be used in temperatures under 45F or over 90F. 
  6. If making a candle holder, make sure the glass does not get too hot when the candle is lit. To test this, if glass is too hot to touch when a candle is inside of it, it is too hot to use Gallery Glass paint. 
  7. Don't be afraid to experiment adding glitter or small objects to the paint before it dries is a great way to add something extra  to your piece. 
  8. Adding clear beads to the paint will allow the light to shine through the beads as well when put on a window. 
  9. Follow the instructions on the bottle in regards to drying time.
  10. Wait until the leading lead dries before trying to make corrections. 
  11. Try not to create clings larger than your hand, as they will be more likely to cling together. 

Here is a helpful video about Leading with Gallery Glass Proudcts and another video about painting with Gallery Glass Products

Projects Using Gallery Glass

Gallery Glass Geometric Mirror

Gallery Glass Window Cling

Gallery Glass Window Cling

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