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Blue Moon Beads specializes in beads of all types and sizes, as well as the necessary jewelry making supplies (called findings) to put them together into beautiful jewelry and decorative projects. Their most popular products include pendants, beads, and charms. You will find Blue Moon Beads in a range of materials including glass, metal, stone, and shell, and in a wide variety of finishes, colors, themes and styles.

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Types of Blue Moon Beads


Pendants dangle and are larger than regular beads. They are connected to a chain by either a jump ring or a wire loop. Use pendants by themselves, or add decorative beads surrounding them for a personal touch.

Blue Moon PendantCharms

Charms also always have a hanging loop, but they tend to be smaller than pendants and are usually in designs of animals, plants, objects or symbols. Most charms are made of metal with some having enamels, rhinestones, epoxy or acrylic inclusions. Charms are great to use in bracelets, anklets and necklaces, and are often used on handmade cards and scrapbook pages.

Blue Moon CharmBeads

Instead of having a hanging loop, beads have holes drilled through them for stringing. Generally the size of the hole is proportionate with the size of the bead.

Beads come in a wide range of sizes, going from itty-bitty seed beads (which are measured by how many fit in an inch, 11/0 means approximately 11 beads lined up hole to hole would fit in an inch) to jumbo 35mm beads. Keep in mind when choosing stringing material for beads that some choices, such as ribbon or leather cord, will only be able to pass through the largest of beads.

Some of the materials used to make Blue Moon Beads include metal, glass, resin/synthetic, plastic, semi-precious stone, clay, shell, wood, horn and bone. You will find Blue Moon Beads in just about any shape you can imagine: round, oval, faceted, barrel, teardrop, heart, lentil, square, coins and chips are just the beginning of the variety.

Blue Moon Beads


Findings are the items needed to arrange and hold all your beads, charms and pendants together in a piece of wearable jewelry. The most common findings include:

A glossary of many of the above terms and a brief description of how to use them.


How To Choose Beads to Make a Simple Necklace

The best way to make a necklace that you will take pleasure in wearing, is to start by choosing a pendant that you truly love. Pick a pendant with a design, color, and shape that truly draws you in. Once you've chosen your pendant, find a few beads that compliment it. Choose similar or contrasting colors and make sure to have a variety of textures and shapes. String your beads onto ribbon, cord, or beading wire, add a clasp and you're done! Use any leftover beads to make yourself a matching bracelet or earrings. Proudly wear your new creation.


Tutorials, Tips and How-to's For Making Your Own Jewelry


For more project ideas using Blue Moon Beads, head over to their website:

Blue Moon Beads Idea Gallery



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