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Tri-fold Fancy Flap Card

This card is two card techniques in one and is so easy to make you will want to create a lot of them to send to everyone you know. The card closes so the flaps overlap the base making it a tri-fold card and since it is created from 3 separate pieces it’s a fancy fold card. How fun is that? Let’s get started on creating this awesome card. More

Stay Cozy

Here in Portland, the last few weeks have had much more winter than we're used to. It's settled down to our typical rainy days, but we were struggling for a very long time! Because of the super chilly weather, I've been making great use of my knitted projects. Make some of your own to stay cozy all winter long! More

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#CraftConfession: I have no idea what the characters look like in my favorite TV shows because I'm too focused on my craft projects.