Curtain Grommets – Installation, Colors and Materials

Curtain grommets help to reinforce the holes made at the top of curtains that are made for a curtain rod and prevent the fabric from fraying. They add a decorative and attractive touch to ordinary curtains while adding strength to the parts of your curtains that take a lot of wear and tear over time. Curtain grommets come in many different sizes, colors, and materials to match your decor.

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Adding Curtain Grommets to Your Curtains

There is no tool necessary when installing, all you will need is a pair of scissors and some way of measuring the fabric to be cut, though some brands, such as Dritz Curtain Grommets, come with templates to cut from.

  1. Measure the space where you want to hang your curtain.  A good rule of thumb when buying fabric is to use twice the width of the window.  Decide how many grommets are needed to create the desired look.
  2. Mark the center of the area for the grommets along the top.  Allow for at least 2 inches of fabric above the grommet.  Be sure to place one at either edge, and evenly space them along the middle.
  3. Cut out the center of each hole, slightly smaller than the grommet opening. This will be the inside diameter of the grommet, and its size.
  4. Align the curtain grommet pieces on either side of the hole and click together.
  5. Repeat until each hole has a grommet.


Grommet Sizes

Curtain Grommet Materials and Styles

Curtain grommets come in many different colors and materials including:

  • Metallic-- Brass, Gold, Nickel, Copper, Bronze, and Silver
    • Gold curtain grommets can even come in a brushed metal or matte look.
  • Plastic-- Black, White, Red, Fuschia, Green, and Yellow. Plastic  grommets are a true, shiny plastic material.
    • Matte black grommets can also be purchased.
    • There are many other multi-colored choices as well such as redwood, camo, and marble.


Curtain Grommet Manufacturers

Project Ideas with Curtain Grommets

Curtain Grommets don't have to be used only when installing curtains, here are some more ideas that use curtain grommets

  • Use curtain grommets to reinforce a purse handle instead of sewing it on.
  • Place around the hem of a skirt for a unique, young look.
  • Use 3/8" curtain grommets to decorate a belt.

Grommet Bracelet

For a great bracelet to make using grommets, visit!


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