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Craft Mates specializes in a system of acrylic storage containers and trays, and fabric totes that allow you to store your smaller crafting items without risk they will accidentally spill or transfer from section to section. Craft Mates is the ultimate organizer that won't accidentally open. Just what you need for pins, beads, eyelets, buttons, snaps and more.

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Top Craft Mates Products

Sort Tray

Includes 1 spatula. Acrylic; clear with purple accents. Approximately 7.5"x 5.25"x 1.5".

Craft Mates Sorting Tray

Caddy Large, 2 pieces

Each pack includes 7 rectangle compartments. Compartments are approximately 7/8"x 1 3/8"x 7/8".

Craft Mates Lockables Caddy Large

3XL 7 Compartment

Includes 7 rectangle compartments, each approximately 1.5"x 2"x 1.25". The caddy is approximately 11"x 2.25"x 1.25".

3XL 14 Compartment

Approximately 11"x 5"x 1.25". Compartments approximately 2"x 1.5"x 1.25".

2XL 7 Compartment

One 7-compartment clear plastic organizer. Approximately 9"x 2.25"x 1.25".

2XL 14 Compartment

One 14-compartment clear plastic organizer. Approximately 9"x 4.25"x 1.25.

Case with Large 7 Compartment, 12 pieces

Includes 12 each of the 7-compartment locking caddies. Case size is approximately 9.5" x 6.5" and 2.25" deep. Covered in purple fabric with twill binding and double-snap closure.

Craft Mates Lockables Case

Case w/2XL 7 Compartment, 8 pieces

One large storage case (9.5"x 9.5"x 3") with label window on the spine; a triple-snap closure; eight 7 compartment Lockables Organizers; and a purple faux suede cover.

Case w/2XL 14 Compartment; 6 pieces

This package contains one black tote with adjustable shoulder strap; carry handle; durable canvas exterior; three interior pockets; and three exterior pockets (one large and two small); and six (9"x 4-3/8"x 1") Lockables plastic organizers, each with 14 compartments. Tote measures (9.5"x 10.5"x 5.5") when zipped closed.

How to use Craft Mates

Craft Mates are made for ease of use. Each case uses the EZY LOCK system, where each individual compartment is securely locked until you press a bar and push up on the cover. This prevents accidental spills as well as items moving from compartment to compartment.

Further details on Craft Mates

Craft Mates come in a variety of configurations, as described above. The organizers also come with square and round compartments.

Common questions

How can I trust the compartments stay locked, thus protecting all of the tiny bits of crafting supplies from springing loose and spilling everywhere?

Craft Mates are designed specifically to ensure your items' integrity. Until you press the locking bar, the compartments will not open … even if you shake them.


By Christina M. Okeson

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