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Mending Socks

Have a hole in your beautiful hand knit sock? Don't panic, it can be fixed. These socks were knit with superwash yarn. However, after I have to repair a hole I always handwash them instead of throwing them in the wash. A hole means the socks are starting to age and I want them to last as long as possible. Handwashing is much gentler than a washing machine. More

Punny Valentines

Wordplay! For some people, Valentine's Day can be a rather annoying holiday full of cliches and disappointment. I find that the people who enjoy Valentine's Day the most are the ones who embrace the cheesiness of this holiday and just have fun. Bad puns are a must for this Valentine's Day scrooge, and here are a few of my favorites that I think kids and adults will enjoy. More

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#CraftTip: If your polymer clay gets crumbly, place it in a plastic bag and submerge it in hot water for a few seconds.
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